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Here is How We Can Help @CareyFuller

Carey Fuller and one of her daughters

(Carey’s Resume & LinkedIn Profile are Below)

HopeMob is all about making real change happen in the world.  We complain about homelessness and want to see it go away.  Here is our chance to make a real impact.

Our primary goal is to get Carey Fuller a job that will sustain her and allow her to truly provide for her family.   This is what she wants as well.  She’s a strong woman.

In order for this to happen, we have a few other secondary goals and we will describe these goals here as well.

Goal #1: Get Carey Fuller offers for 3 credible job interviews in the Seattle area.  After this has happened, HopeMob will move on to the next story in our queue. However, if our goal is to be the biggest help for Carey possible, we also really want the following…

Goal #2: We believe that someone will provide Carey and her family a safe place to call home in the Seattle-area, rent free, for at least a few months.  After she obtains employment Carey can pay rent.  She will, obviously, need help furnishing the place as well.

UPDATE! We found childcare for Carey, but it is in home care AFTER she finds a home.  Let’s keep it moving!!!

Goal #3: Carey will need quality free childcare or significant childcare assistance for the foreseeable future after she begins working again. 

If you would like to offer Carey a job, a place to stay, or childcare, we ask that you contact HopeMob directly by email @ so that we can verify the safety and legitimacy of this information.  Do not attempt to contact Carey directly with these offers at this time.  If verified, we will forward them to her ourselves.

Many of you have asked if you can donate directly to Carey’s needs.  You can make a donation below.  As always, every dollar you donate will go directly to Carey and her needs alone.  We will provide a daily update on progress here.

UPDATE :: 4/27 :: $200 has been donated below.

Donate to Carey via Paypal/Debit/Credit by clicking here.


Here is some more information about Carey….

  • Our team knows Carey personally and learned of her story through our good friend Mark Horovath - one of the leading homeless advocates in the world.
  • Carey has a great deal of experience with social media and would love to serve as an online community manager for a non profit or business.  She would rock in this capacity.
  • Carey has a gift of advocacy for the homeless and is thought of as a treasured leader in the homeless community - particularly with homeless youth.  She would serve as a great case manager for youth or the homeless of Seattle.
  • Carey has years of experience in customer service and data entry and could jump in head first if offered a position in these areas.
  • Honestly, Carey is amazing and could quickly learn to serve in a field even outside of these opportunities if you had something amazing available.

If you are prepared to offer Carey assistance, please contact the HopeMob team now @ and we will promptly reply to your request.

We will update this blog post and Carey’s HopeMob campaign page with any relevant updates!